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Huazheng JZF-10N Partial Discharge Corrector Calibration Pulse Generator

1. Output charge range: 5pC, 10pC, 20pC, 50pC, 100pC , 200pC, 500pC;

2. Polarity: positive and negative alternately;

3. Repetition frequency: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1200Hz;

4. Frequency accuracy: <1%;

5. Pulse rising edge time: <60nS;

6. Pulse falling edge time: >100uS;

7. Injection capacitance: 10pF;

8. Correction charge error: Eq≤±10%;

9. Size: 150mm (length) × 65mm (width) × 35mm (height);

10. Weight: 0.5kg;

11. Charging adapter: 220VAC input, 9VDC output;

12. Built -in rechargeable lithium battery.

13. In the case of no operation, the power will be automatically cut off in 3 minutes.


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