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Huazheng YL300-100 High Voltage Standard Capacitor

1) Rated voltage: 300kV

2) Withstand voltage: 330kV (1.1UN), 1min

3) Rated frequency: 10Hz-1000Hz

4) Rated capacity: 100pF (C12)

5) Capacity deviation: ±0.5%

6) Capacity stability: <0.01%/year

7) Accuracy of capacitance data: <±0.05%

8) At rated frequency, the capacitor tan δ at rated voltage should be less than 1×10-5;

9) The capacitor is filled with SF6 gas, and the rated pressure is 4bar

10) The absolute value of the pressure coefficient is not more than 2.2×10-3/0.1Mpa;

11) The absolute value of the capacitor voltage coefficient is not more than 3×10-5;

12) The absolute value of the capacitance temperature coefficient is not more than 3×10-5/℃;

13) The frequency drift is not more than 1×10-5;

14) The capacitor can withstand the test of 2 times the rated air pressure, which lasted 72 hours;

15) Tightness: annual leakage is not more than 0.25%;

16) The low-voltage side of the 16 capacitor is equipped with a secondary discharge tubeprotection device to protect the safety of operators. The standard capacity comes witha secondary terminal box and connecting cable. The Lemo plug is equipped with aself-locking function to prevent the plug from loosening;

17) Measuring electrode-to-shielding electrode and grounding electrode, shielding

electrode-to-grounding current at 3kV for 1 min or measuring the insulation resistancevalue with an insulation tester not less than 500MΩ;

18) Continuous operation under 18 rated voltage, partial discharge is less than 2pC;

19) Long-term operation under rated voltage;

20) Total package weight: about 450kg



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