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KASAHARA CuNi-5Z Copper-Nickel Concentration Meter ( 0.0~80.0g/l, 0.0~199.9g/l)

Measurement Targets: Cu and Ni concentrations of copper plating solution and nickel plating solution

Measurement Equation: Spectrophotometry

Measurement Criteria: 

   Copper: 0.0~80.0g/L (Cu) 

   Copper sulfate :0.0~300g/L (CuSO4)

   Nickel: 0.0~199.9g/L (Ni)

   Absorbance :0.000~1.999 (abs)    User mode: 0~1999 (no unit)

   Temperature :0.0~50.0 (℃)

Representations: ± 1% (FS) or less (under certain conditions)

Circumference temperature: -5~45°C 85%RH or less

Measurement Water Regulations Temperature: 0~50°C

Power source: Alkaline AAA batteries (LR03×3)



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