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KASAHARA RC-100A-27 Residual chlorine meter (0.0~50.0mg/L, 0~200mg/L)

Measured Components: High concentration of effective chlorine

Measuring principle: Reagent-free polarographic method

Measurement method: Bead-cleaning type micro-solid 3-electrode method

Measuring range:



Indication: Digital 3-digit LCD display 


   (1) 0.01 mg/L 

   (2) 1 mg/L

Reproducibility: Within ±5% of full scale (flow, pH, temperature, conductivity constant)

Water sampling pH range: pH 3.5~10.5 (No sudden pH fluctuations or fluctuations of 0.5 pH or more)

Conductivity range: 10 mS/m or more (however, 1000 mg/L or more of chloride ions causes large sensor consumption)

Water sampling temperature: 0~40°C (no freezing)

Response Time: 90% response within 1 minute

Temperature Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation with thermistor

Power: AC85~250V 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption: Approx. 5VA

Operating temperature: -10~45℃


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  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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