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KASAHARA TCR-502 Turbidity chromaticity monitor (0.0 ~ 50.0 độ)

Measurement method: Two-wavelength transmitted light measurement method

Measuring range: 

   Turbidity: 0.0~50.0 degrees (polystyrene turbidity standard)

   Chromaticity : 0.0~50.0 degrees (cobalt platinum acid standard)

Minimum resolution: 0.1 degree 

Indication: 3 / 1/2 digits red LED turbidity and chromaticity simultaneous display

Reproducibility: ± within 1% (or within ±0.1 degrees Celsius)

Calibration: Zero: Span with pure water: Turbidity or chromaticity according to 10 degrees of each standard solution

Water Sampling Conditions: 

   0°C~35°C (non-freezing)

   Bubbles, organic solvents, strong oxides, strong fluorine, etc. cannot coexist

Turbidity correction of chromaticity: Correction by arithmetic processing of turbidity signal from chromaticity signal (TRV-CRV)

LED brightness correction: Automatic brightness correction with a reference photodetector for LED light intensity

Power: Free input up to AC85V~240V 50/60Hz

External dimensions: 96(H)×96(W)×163(D)

Weight: Approx. 1.3kg



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