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Scitek FD-12PT Vertical Freeze Dryer -60/-80℃ Condenser Temp

"Type:  Standard chamber with 8 port manifold

Freeze Drying Area (m2) : 0.12~0.18

Tray (Qty):    4/6(Optional)pcs

Tray Size (ΦxH)(mm):        Φ200x20    

Height Between Trays (mm)  : 76/50

Condenser Temperature (℃) :       -60/-80      

Condenser Capacity (L) :       9.5       

Condenser Size (DiameterxH)(mm) :   Φ217x250

Vacuum Degree (No-loading) (Pa) :       ≤5      

Ice Condensing Capacity (kg/24h) :    4     

Loading Capacity/ Shelf (mL)  :      300 

Total Loading Capacity (mL):      1200~1800  

Drying Chamber Size (Standard):        Lower circle: Φ260mm; Upper circle: Φ240mm; Height: Φ450mm

Total Qty. of Vial Φ22:             260

Total Qty. of Vial Φ16:    480

Total Qty. of Vial Φ12 : 920

Refrigerant Type :       CFC-free

Standard Accessories:       

Vacuum pump 2L/s, 8m³/h, material tray, material rack, PC cover (for all modes), Conical-mouth flask 500mLx8 pcs, switch valvex8 pcs

Consumption:     0.95kW(-60℃)/1.5kW(-80℃)

Electricity:        AC220V,50Hz(standard), other electricity type can be customized

External Size (WxDxH)(mm): 480x610x905/1355

Shipping Size (WxDxH) :       

+Main Body :  730x600x1180mm

+Drying Chamber :    410x410x640mm

+Vacuum Pump:      220x580x370mm

Gross Weight:       135kg(-60℃)/155kg(-80℃)"


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