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Dr. Schneider SL-039C-1 接地引性检测器

1 Real-time monitoring the wearing and grounding status of wrist strap. It automatically alarms when the wrist strap is not properly wore or grounded.
2 Simple operation. Users can easily determine the grounding connection between the earth and working table.
3 Default setting is 0.75--2.0 MΩ (± 5%), which is conformed to international standard. The data can be customized.
4 The amount of signal terminals can extend to 32 (optional).
5 Reliable, strong anti interference capability.
6 High sensitivity, when static discharge≥ 0.1s, the monitor will alarm.
7. The auto-alarm function of the wrist strap grounding system allows real-time monitoring of wrist strap status; It provides reliable protection for the working area (one person or more) of wrist strap grounding system and improves management efficiency.
8. Monitor the wrist strap grounding status of one person or more.
9. When the wrist strap grounding system under proper connection, there is no breeze, indicator is green. Otherwise, it alarms and indicator turns red


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