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EPHIPOT EPD420 避雷器计数器探测器 (8/20us)

Output impulse current waveform: 8/20us

Output voltage: DC1600V±5%

Interval time: 30s

Power supply: AC200V±10% 50Hz±2%

Inrush current: ≥100A (8/20us)

Dimension: 280*230*150mm

Weight: 3kg


General Information:

The lightning arrester counter is a device used to record the number of lightning strike operations of the AC gapless metal oxide arrester. The reliability of the counter action is very important for the power system. It is an important parameter for recording the statistics of the number of lightning strikes the lightning arrester receives during normal operation. It can provide an important basis for the power system staff to carry out targeted inspection of the arrester,

The arrester action counter plays the role of monitoring the arrester leakage current and recording the number of lightning strikes. The leakage current of the arrester directly reflects the performance of the arrester. The testers generally use the leakage current as an important basis for whether the arrester is working normally. In addition, every time the thunderstorm season comes, the staff must test whether the counter can operate reliably. The EPD420 lightning arrester counter detector is a practical instrument that meets this need on the spot, and a special test instrument for detecting the operation of the arrester counter.


--3.5-inch LCD display module (operation interface) and 3-inch LCD display module (standard 4-digit high-precision current display), you can more easily and accurately operate and read information.

--Independent output power supply, easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor, laboratories, substations and other places.

--Two detection functions: counter test and ammeter adjustment, which can be switched freely, with comprehensive functions and flexible operation.

--The voltage adjustment is switched by buttons (divided into high voltage and low voltage), and the current adjustment output size is by knob, which is simple and convenient to operate.

--The charging plug adopts 6-core aviation plug, which is safer and more reliable. After the instrument is fully charged, the battery life is up to 8 hours.

--Small size, light weight, high precision, sensitive operation, simple and convenient to use.

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