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EPHIPOT EPFZ-301 六氟化硫气体自动分析仪 (0~100%SF6)

Measurement range: 

+ Humidity: dew point -80℃~+20℃ (Supports ppmv)

+ SF6 purity:0~100%SF6(weight ratio)

+ SF6 decomposition products:



CO: 0~1000ppm

(can be customized)

Measurement accuracy: 

+ Dew point:±0.5℃(If below 0℃,sensor displays frost point)

+ SF6 purity:±0.1%,irrelevant of flow

+ SF6 decomposition products: 0.1ppm

Inlet pressure: ≤1.0Mpa

Operation temperature: -30~+50℃

Environment temperature: ≤90%RH

Charging voltage: 220VAC±10% 50Hz

Using time: no less than 8 hours of continuous work

Storage capacity: 60

Size: 300 × 400 × 150(mm)

Weight: 5.5 kg

Operation method: Touch Screen

Communication: RS232 or USB

Printing: Micro printer


General Information:

EPFZ-301 integrates SF6 dew point tester, SF6 purity tester, and SF6 decomposition product tester into one, and concentrates the functions that can only be achieved by three instruments on one instrument. One on-site measurement can complete the detection of two indicators, which greatly saves the gas in the equipment. At the same time, the workload of users is reduced, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

The humidity measurement of EPFZ-301 Automatic SF6 Gas Analyser adopts the resistance-capacitance method, which uses the principle that the electrical parameters of hygroscopic substances change with humidity for humidity measurement. According to this principle, the humidity sensor adopts Vaisala DRYCAP® sensor. The humidity sensor has been used for industrial humidity measurement for nearly 60 years. The perfect combination of high-quality DRYCAP® and intelligent electronic components enables humidity measuring instruments to be successfully used in various extremely harsh industrial environments. Vaisala provides the world with advanced technologies in the field of humidity measurement. The DRYCAP® sensor is accurate and reliable in the full range of measurement, and has excellent long-term stability. It is not affected by dust particles and most chemical pollution, and is very suitable for use in industrial environments.

EPFZ series is widely used in measuring moisture contains of power electric, petroleum, chemical industry, railroad, pesticide, resin, scientific research divisions and etc.


● Long-life detection components

● Integrate a variety of measurement methods to meet different measurement requirements

● Built-in gas filter, regulator valve

● Large LCD display, English menu, easy to operate

● Users can perform calibration on site to ensure reliable use on site

● Touch screen operation, easy to use

● Synchronous display of various data

● Large-capacity data storage

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