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EPHIPOT EPJF-8000 手持式局部放电检测器 (0-60 dBmV)

- TEV measurement: 

Measuring range: 0-60 dBmV

Resolution: 1dB

Precision: ±1dB

Maximum pulse per cycle: 1400

Measurement frequency band: 3~100MHz

- AE measurement: 

Measuring range: -6dBμV to 68dBμV

Resolution: 1dB

Precision: ±1dB

Frequency Range: 20~200 kHz

- AA measurement: 

Measuring range: -6dBμV~68dBμV

Resolution: 1dB

Precision: ±1dB

Sensor center frequency: 40 kHz

- UHF measurement: 

Detection frequency: 300-2000MHz

Measuring range: 0-60 dBmV

Sensitivity: <1dBm

Sensor frequency band: 300-2000MHz

- HFCT measurement: 

Sensor transmission impedance: 5mV/mA

Detection frequency: 1~30MHz

Sensitivity: ≤50pC

- Hardware: 

Shell: ABS

Screen: 4.0 inch RGB LCD screen, resolution 800*480

Sampling accuracy: 12bit

Synchronization mode: Internal synchronization, external synchronization

Connector: USB interface (also charger input) WIFI;  3.5mm stereo headphone jack;  External sensor input interface

Earphone: 8 Ω minimum

SD card: Standard configuration 16G ~ 64G

Built-in battery: 3.7V/5000mAh lithium battery

Operating hours: Approx. 6 hours

Charger: AC 90-264V or DC 5V

Operating temperature: -20 ~ 50℃

Humidity: 20-85% relative humidity

Volume and weight: 210*100*35(mm) 0.4KG(host)


General Information:

EPJF-8000 Hand-held Partial Discharge Detector can be widely used in partial discharge detection of power system, including high voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, voltage / current transformer, transformer (including dry type transformer), GIS, overhead line, cable and other equipment insulation state detection, through the following indicators to measure the discharge degree of electrical equipment:

Partial discharge intensity detection: by measuring the discharge signal in one power frequency cycle, the partial discharge intensity is characterized according to the maximum value (dB) in the discharge pulse sequence.

Partial discharge frequency detection: by measuring the discharge signal in one power frequency cycle, the discharge pulse is extracted and the partial discharge frequency is characterized according to the number of discharge pulses.


-Configure different sensors to achieve partial discharge detection of almost all high-voltage electrical equipment.

-Provide time domain waveform, PRPD, PRPS and other discharge patterns to realize the analysis of different discharge types.

-Humanized man-machine interface facilitates data management of different devices.

-Built-in ultrasonic sensor and transient ground voltage (hereinafter referred to as TEV) sensor, which can be connected with special sensors such as transformers, GIS, overhead lines, cables, etc.

-Adopts non-intrusive detection method, no need to power off during the test process, no need to configure additional high voltage source, it is more convenient to use than traditional pulsed partial discharge detector.

-The test bandwidth range is 30kHz ~ 2.0GHz, which is suitable for detection principles of various frequency bands.

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