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EPHIPOT EPRP-204 三相继电保护测试仪

AC current output:

+ Phase current output (effective value): 0~40A

+ Output Precision: 0.2

+ The 3 phase parallel current output(RMS): 0~120A

+ The allowed working value when the phase current work long time (RMS): 10A

+ The maximum output power of phase current: 450VA

+ The maximum output power when 3 phase parallel current output: 900VA

+ The allowed working time when 3 phase parallel current maximum output: 10s

+ Frequency range (fundamental): 20~1000Hz

+ Harmonic time: 1~20 times

DC current output

+ Current output: 0~±10A / phase 0~±30A / 3 parallel

+ Output precision: 0.5

+ The maximum load voltage output: 20V

AC voltage output

+ Phase voltage output RMS value: 0~120V

+ Output Precision: 0.2

+ Line voltage output RMS value: 0~240V

+ The output power of phase voltage/ line voltage: 80VA / 100VA

+ Frequency range (fundamental): 20~1000Hz

+ Harmonic time: 1~20 times

DC voltage output

+ The output amplitude of phase voltage: 0~±160V

+ Output Precision: 0.5

+ Line voltage output range: 0~±320V

+ Phase voltage / Line phase output power: 70VA / 140VA

Binary & Time measuring

+ Binary input: 7 channels

+ Idle contacts: 1~20mA,24V

+ Potential contact access: "0": 0 ~ + 6V; "1": +11 V ~ + 250V

+ 2 pairs binary output: DC:220V/0.2A, AC:220V/0.5A

+ Time measuring range: 0.1ms~9999s

+ Measuring accuracy: 0.1mS

+ Power Source: AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

+ Environmental temperature: -10℃~+50℃

+ Dimension: 400×360×180mm³

+ Weight: 22kg


General Information:

Protection systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electricity power systems. Properly working protection devices help to maintain the safety of the system and to safeguard assets from damage. EPRP-204 Relay Protection Tester is the essential test tool for relay protection technicians.

Main Features:

-Standard 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current output. With 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current output, it is convenient to carry out various combination outputs for various types of protection tests. The single-phase voltage can output up to 120V, the single-phase current can output up to 40A (10 seconds), the current three can output 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux is a multi-function voltage item, which can be set to 4 types of 3U0 or check the same voltage, or Output at any certain voltage value.

-Single machine is easy to operate Single machine is operated by a convenient and flexible rotating mouse through the large-screen LCD display, all in English. It can complete most of the field test and verification work, can verify various relays and microcomputer protections, and can simulate various complex transient, permanent, and conversion faults for a whole set of tests. It can be used after booting, and the operation is convenient and quick.

-Dual operation mode, connected to the computer and running through a full set of English operating software on the Windows platform, can perform various large-scale, complex and more automated calibration tasks, can easily test and scan various protection settings, and can store tests in real time Data, display vector diagrams, draw fault waveforms, print reports online, etc.

-The software is powerful and can complete various large-scale and complex calibration tasks with high degree of automation, such as three-phase differential test, factory power quick cut, automatic switch-on test, line protection inspection and simultaneous reclosure, etc. It can easily test and scan various Protect the fixed value, perform fault playback, store test data in real time, display vector diagrams, print reports online, etc.

-Abundant switch contacts are 7-way contact input and 2 pairs of empty contact output. The input contacts are empty contacts and compatible with 0~250V potential contacts, which can be intelligently and automatically identified. The input and output contacts can be expanded according to user needs.

-Large-screen LCD display This machine adopts a 320×240 dot matrix large-screen high-resolution graphic LCD display. All operation processes are set on the display. The operation interface and test results are displayed in English, which is intuitive and clear.

-Self-protection It adopts a reasonably designed heat dissipation structure, and has a variety of reliable and complete protection measures, soft start of power supply, and certain fault self-diagnosis and blocking functions.

-With independent dedicated DC power output The device is equipped with a 110V and 220V dedicated DC power output.

-High cost performance It is a cross-professional joint design product that integrates advanced scientific and technological achievements from multiple disciplines. It combines the performance of a large-scale tester and the price of a small-scale tester, and has a high performance-price ratio.

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