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EPHIPOT EPT402 油界面张力和表面张力测试仪 (0-200mN/m)

Measuring range: 0-200mN / m

Accuracy: 0.1% reading ± 0.1 mN / m

Minute resolution: 0.1mN / m

Sensitivity: 0.1mN / m

Power supply: AC220V ± 20% 50HZ ± 10%

Maximum power consumption: 20W

Applicable ambient temperature: 10 ~ 30 ℃ (Typical value 25 )

Applicable ambient humidity: 85% RH

Dimensions: 200 × 300 × 330 (mm)

Weight: 6kg


General Information:

The inter-molecular forces form the interfacial tension or surface tension of the liquid. The value of the tension value can reflect the physical and chemical properties of the liquid and its material composition, and is one of the important indicators for the inspection of product quality in related industries. The fully automatic tension tester produced by our company is applicable to the GB / T6541 standard and is based on the ring method (platinum ring method) to measure the surface tension of various liquids (liquid-gas phase interface) and the liquid interfacial tension (liquid-liquid phase interface). This method has the advantages of simple operation and high accuracy and is widely used. Widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, teaching and other industries.


-Using the original fast response electromagnetic force balance sensor, which improves the measurement accuracy and linearity

-Calibration requires only one point, to eliminate the zero-adjusting potentiometer and adjust the full-scale potentiometer.

-Real-time display of equivalent tension value and current weight (can be weighed as an electronic balance)

-Integrated temperature detection circuit, automatic temperature compensation for test results

-240 × 128 dot matrix LCD screen, no logo button, with screen protection function

-Time-stamped history records, storage up to 255.

-Built-in high-speed thermal micro printer, beautiful and fast printing, with offline printing function

-Equipped with a standard RC232 interface, which can be connected to a computer for easy processing of test data (optional)

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