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Honglim HLS-01 地震仪

(Blasting Vibration and Sound Measurement)

Microprocessor: 8XC52 Family Display: 4 Line by 20 Column Liquid Crystal Communications: Serial RS232, 57600 Baud Battery: 6 V, Rechargeable Lead Acid Cel, 200 Hrs per Charge Sensors: 3 Geophones (x,y,z Triaxial arrangement) A/D Converter: 13 Bit Sample Storage Rate: 1024 SPS/Channel to 5000 Hz (Switchable) Frequency Response: Velocity 3 to 250 Hz Frequency Response: Mic. A-Weighted Fast Response 8 KHz Range: Geophone +/-100mm/s, Mic: 50 to110db(A), 90 to 140dB (Linear) Resolution: Vibration 0.02 mm/s, Mic: 0.1 dB Repeatability: Vibration: +/-5% Impulsive Input, Sound: 1dB Base Level Noise: 0.1 mm/s Data Storage: Over 300 Events, 2MB memory standard PC Requirements: Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows XP


HLS-01 Vibration Analysis Tools,

Software for Windows,

Triaxial Geophone,


Mic Stand,

AC Adaptor,

Geophone Cable,

Geophone Spike,

Serial Cable (2m),

Carring Case, No Charge

Software Updates


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