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Jinuosh H-VXD150 氙灯加速老化箱 (RT~80℃, 50~90%RH)

  • 制造商:Jinuosh
    Model: H-VXD150
    来源: China
    保障: 12 Month
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Studio size D×W×H(mm): 500×600×500

Dimensions D×W×H(mm): To be determined

Temperature range: RT+10℃~80℃ (adjustable)

Humidity range: 50~90%RH (adjustable)

Rain time: 0~9999 minutes (adjustable)

Rain cycle: 1~240 minutes, adjustable interval (break)

Wavelength range: 300nm ~ 800nm

Total power of xenon lamp: 6KW (lifetime: 800~1000 hours)

Range of accuracy: 

     Setting accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃, humidity ±1% RH

     Indication accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃, humidity ±1%RH

Temperature and humidity sensor: platinum resistance PT100Ω/MV

Heating system: fully independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater

Blackboard temperature: bimetallic blackboard thermometer

Temperature controller: imported touch screen temperature and humidity integrated controller

Circulation system: temperature-resistant and low-noise air-conditioning motor, multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel

Outer box material: high-quality carbon steel plate, electrostatic spray treatment / SUS304 stainless steel matte line hairline treatment

Inner box material: SUS304 high quality stainless steel

Sample rack material: SUS304 high quality stainless steel

Door frame heat insulation, high and low temperature aging resistance silicone rubber door sealing strip

Safety protection: leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheating, over current protection / controller power failure memory

Power supply voltage: AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system

Operating environment temperature: 5℃~30℃, <= 85% RH



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