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Jinuosh L-FPC FPC 曲寿命试验机 (10-170°, 10-120timres/min)

Test angle: 10-170 degrees (touch screen digital setting)

Test speed: 10-120 times/min

Test station: 1

Test stroke: 15-100mm (manually adjustable)

The maximum width and opening width of the test fixture: 80mm (specifically subject to the requirements of each customer's product)

Optional bending radius: 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.2nm, 2.0mm, other specifications can be customized (two standard) 

Test fixture: lower end movable fixture and a set of upper movable fixture (according to different The product type can be customized to design fixtures)

Test times counter: 0-999999 times (the touch screen number can be preset, the number of times reached and the product breaks automatically stop)

Test function: touch screen to set the angle, number of times, speed, etc., with a unique turn-on function, disconnect the automatic stop counting function, and automatically find the original

Machine size (L×W×H); 450×380×700mm

Machine weight: about 40kg

Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ



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