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Jinuosh V2400 自动金相测试工具 (2400x1500x150mm)

Exercise stroke (mm): X:2400mm; Y:1500mm

Focusing stroke (mm): (Z axis) 150mm

Measurement and aiming system: 2/3"sony senser, digital color camera, 2560*1920

Off-site accuracy: 3+(L/1000)um

In-field accuracy: ±1um

Face backlight: 88 inches (3 rows and 4 columns can be partitioned control)

Reflective lighting system: High-definition LED reflective lighting

Transmission lighting system: High-definition LED transmission lighting

Working height: 850mm

88-inch form factor (mm) (length*width*height): 3500*2500*1750

88 inch instrument weight (kg): About 4200KG

Glass table bearing: 50kg

Instrument power: 220V±10%(AC)50HZ


CCD: HD digital CCD

Optical system:

Three heads: LV-TI3 Trinocular Eyepiece Tube CH (with Erect Image)


      Eyepiece CFI 10x / CN

      Eyepiece CFI 10x CM Eyepiece with Crosshairs / CN

Nose wheel: 

      Nikon L-NU5A Motorized Universal Quintuple Nosepiece

      Polarizer: Nikon YM-PO Polarizer for LV-U EPI

      Polarizer: Nikon L-AN Analyzer for LV-U EPI

DIC prism: Nikon L-DIHC DIC Slider

Objective lens: 5x、10x、20x CR、50x CR 、100x CR

Nose wheel controller: Nikon LV-NCNT

Scale: Imported RENISHAW metal grating ruler with resolution 0.0001mm

XYZ axis drive: THK high precision linear guide and THK grinding grade ball screw

Drive: Panasonic servo motor

Machine body: Marble

Photoelectric limit: Japan Omron

Operating software: Custom made

Software dongle: USB dongle (built into the computer case)

Industrial computer: 

CPU:Intel i7

Memory: Kingston 8GB

Hard disk caparity: Western Digital 2TB (including auto backup disk)

Monitor: LENOVO 21.5" LCD (FHD,Without Defect)

Keyboard: LENOVO

Software: Windows 7/L42:L44Anti Virus/Office2016 (Excel, Word, PPT)Windows 7/Anti Virus/Office2016 (Excel, Word, PPT)

Software instruction manual: Electronic file / paper file



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