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Kewell FCTS-S-100 燃料电池堆测试系统 (25-2500 SLPM, 80-8000 SLPM)

Gas Flow Control:

Anode flow range: 25-2500 SLPM

Flow control precision: ±(0.8%Rdg+0.2%FS)

Response time: 100ms

Cathode flow range: 80-8000 SLPM

Flow control precision: ±(0.8%Rdg+0.2%FS)

Response time: 100ms

Nitrogen purging: Available (before & after the test)

Gas Pressure Control:

Back pressure control range: (Stack resistance+15) kPa~300kPa

Back pressure control precision: ±2kPa (steady state, no hydrogen cycle, no pulse emission)

Pressure detection precision: <0.5%FS

Gas Humidification Control:

Humidification method: Bubbling+Atomizing spray

Dew point temperature range:

40~80℃ (operation pressure≥0.2bar)

40~85℃ (operation pressure≥1bar)

40~90℃ (operation pressure≥1.5bar)

Dew point temperature control precision: ±1℃

Gas Heating Control:

Temperature control range: 40~95℃

Temperature control precision: ±1℃ (steady state)

Temperature detection precision: ±0.5℃

Stack Cooling System:

Cooling method & medium: Water cooling circulation+Secondary water cooling (deionized water)

Flow detection precision: ±1%FS

Temperature control range: 40~95℃

Temperature control precision: ±1℃

Water supplement: Automatic water supplement+Exhaust

Voltage range: 24~800V

Current range: 0~1000A

Single Cell Voltage Inspection:

Detection channels: Max. 800 (optional)

Measurement range: (-5~5) Vdc

Measurement Precision: ±1mV@(-2~2Vdc)

Protection/alarm: Alarm limits, battery voltage deviation alarm, and protection can be set.


Hydrogen leakage detection: 1000-40000ppm (Alarm value can be set.)

Insulation impedance detection: Impedance protection value can be set.

Hardware protection: Pressure switch (controllable pressure-relief protection)/Temperature switch/Emergency stop button

Software protection: Hydrogen leakage/Low insulation impedance/OTP/OPP/Under-pressure/Low flow/Electronic load fault protection etc.



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