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Kewell IVS-600-1500 光电池PV、IV模拟器 (750A, 800V)

Rated Power[kW]: 600

Rated Current[A]: 750

Rated Voltage[V]: 800

Voltage Range[V]: 100-1500

Input Characteristics:

Phase: 3φ3W+PE

Voltage: 380V±15%

Frequency: 50Hz±5Hz

PF: ≥0.99 (Only when PWM rectification is used)

iTHD: ≤3% (Only when PWM rectification is used)

Output Characteristics:

Voltage Precision: ±(0.1%•FS+5dgt)

Current precision: ±(0.1%•FS+5dgt)

Response Time: ≤10ms

Voltage Ripple (rms): ≤0.5%•FS

Load Regulation: 0.1%•FS

Temperature compensation coefficient of constant voltage & current: ±0.03%/K

Protection: OVP/OCP/OTP/Emergency stop etc.

IV Curve:

Voltage Range (OC): 50-1000V/100-1500V/100-2000V

Current Range (SC): 1-Irate*

Fill Factor Range: 0.5-0.92

Types of Solar Panels: Monocrystalline/Multicrystalline/Thin-film

IV Curve: Editable

IV Curve Update: ≤100ms

Single Curve Points: ≤4096

Communication & Interfaces:

Touchscreen: LCD

Remote Communication: RS485/LAN

Other Interfaces: External emergency stop/Fault signal

Safety & Ambient Conditions:

Insulation Resistance: ≥20MΩ (500Vdc)

Protection Level (can be customized): IP21 (indoor)

Cooling: Fan cooling

Ambient temperature: -10~40℃

Relative Humidity (can be customized): 0-90%RH (Non-condensing at 25℃)

Altitude: ≤2000m



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