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MICROTEST 5467 变压器测试仪 (48 p频道; 10Hz-1MHz)

Test Channel: 48

Test Frequency: 10Hz-1MHz

Frequency Resolution: 5 digits

Basic Accuracy: ±0.1%

AC Drive Level: 10mV-2Vrms

DC Drive Level: 10mV-2V

Output Impedance: 100Ω

DC Bias Current: 100mA (F5620)

Turn: Inductance or Voltage; Test Freqeuncy:50Hz-200kHz

Test Mode: Meter Mode / List Mode

Parameters Measurement: Inductance (L), Impedance (Z), Capacitance (C), Resistance (R), Conductance (G), Susceptance (B), Admittance (Y), Alternating Current Resistance (ACR), Quality Factor (Q), θ, Direct Current Resistance (DCR), Leakage Inductance, Turn Ratio, Balance, Short Circuit


Parameters/ Rang/ Basic Accuracy (AC parameter:1kHz)/ Speed 

L, LK/ 0.1nH ~ 9999.99H/ 0.1%/ 25ms

C/ 0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF/ 0.1%/ 25ms

Q,D/ 0.00001 ~ 99999/ 0.0005/ 25ms

Z,X,R/ 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ/ 0.1%/ 25ms

Y/ 0.01nS ~ 99.9999S/ 0.1%/ 25ms

θ/ -180°~ +180°/ 0.03°/ 25ms

DCR/ 0.1mΩ ~ 99.999 MΩ/ 0.1%/ 25ms

Turn- ratio/ 0.1 ~ 99999.9 turns/ 0.5%/ 50ms

Pin-Short 12 pairs, between pin to pin //15ms


ESR: Series / Parallel

Calibration: Open Circuit / Short Circuit

Built-in stroage: testing files 128 sets

Operation: Auto / Manual / Remote Trigger

Power Supply: Voltage:98Vac-132Vac  or 195Vac-264Vac; Frequency:47-63Hz

Power consumption: 70VA

Environment: Temperature:10℃-40℃; Humidity:10-90%RH

Dimension (W*H*D): 344x145x343 mm (W*H*D)

Weight: 9 Kg

Interface : RS-232, Handler, LAN, USB Host, EXT. I/O

Display: 800*480 Color Screen, 7" TFT




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